The Longview by Roger Parrott, Ph.D.

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What Will Your Ministry Look Like 25 Years After You’re Gone?

Learn to value transformation over turn-around by extending your view 

Your browser may not support display of this image. Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX—Many of today’s ministries suffer from a near-sighted vision.  Too often leaders choose easy solutions over principled, long-term strategies.  The results can be devastating, as ignored issues become full-blown crises, and small problems become big challenges.  

The Longview (David C Cook, October 2009) is a fresh approach to leadership that will transform how readers make decisions and address problems.  Author Dr. Roger Parrott offers proven, practical principles drawn from scripture and his renowned career in educational leadership.  Parrott issues readers a timely challenge: Defy the trends of short-sighted goal-making for quick returns by learning to lead for long-term significance. 

America is paying the price of short-term decision making (i.e., sub-prime mortgages, Bernie Madoff, health care costs, General Motors bankruptcy, et al).  As more ministries adopt the prevailing short-term pattern, they move closer to the same outcome—the quick payoff—at the cost of a future crisis.  The Longview calls for a seismic shift in the leadership attitudes and actions of readers.  Parrott is a seasoned, practical leader who is not afraid to challenge younger leaders to lead for lasting impact, not fleeting bragging rights.  The book offers practical insights from both scripture and his own experience.  Both young and seasoned leaders will uncover a solid foundation for success for any ministry, organization, or business. 

“Our theology and our ministry passion draw us to talk about longview outcomes as our heart’s desire, but we have been duped into fostering a generation of leaders, board members, employees, and constituencies who value short-term gain over longview significance,” says Parrott. In The Longview, he further explains that because this shortview corporate culture has so permeated the church today, those in ministry have loosened their grip on the biblical model for leadership. The time is right for rising leaders to break free from the short-term leadership patterns of the past and set their sites on the horizon to ensure a life of leadership that will be honoring to God and bring us back to principles that will allow the church to make a transformational difference in the world.   

“The best leaders understand they should always be held accountable for the long-term before they are rewarded for their immediate results,” says Parrott.  “The Longview will give leaders nitty-gritty practical applications to break free from the pattern of aiming for nearsighted remedies instead of long-term solutions.” 

Endorsed by Ken Blanchard and a host of significant ministry leaders, The Longview will produce a seismic shift in the leadership attitudes of readers—it will revolutionize the way you lead.

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Author Bio: At age thirty-four Roger Parrott became one of America’s youngest college presidents.  Parrott is currently the president of Belhaven University, an innovative liberal arts institution recognized as the leading evangelical college in the Arts.  He earned a PhD in higher education administration from the University of Maryland.  Parrott serves in leadership of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, Mission America Coalition, and Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.  He has advised a wide variety of ministries in the US and internationally. 

Suggested Interview Questions:

  1. How did the Church become caught up on a shortview approach and what are the consequences?
  2. Why do you believe rising leaders are the generation who will value a longview approach to leadership?
  3. How does the longview approach get lived out in the every-day demands of ministry leadership?
  4. If you could summarize the longview approach in one rule, what would it be?
  5. Give us some examples of ministry or business decisions made with the long term in mind.
  6. What does the Bible say about taking the longview vs. the shortview?


The Longview by Roger Parrott, Ph.D.

David C Cook/October 2009/ISBN: 978-1-4347-6749-3/hardcover/255 pages/$16.99


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